Reporting & Committees – Structures & Best Practices

The quality of executive team reporting to the board has a fundamental impact on the effectiveness and performance of the board and is the critical foundation layer that all other board functions depend on. At Board Excellence with offices in the UK and Ireland and through working with many board teams, we have developed a practical framework to enable the executive team to

  • Provide high-quality information and executive summaries in the board package, as opposed to raw data, in a manner that enables the non-executive directors to prepare effectively for the board meeting
  • Enable a very effective balance at the board meeting between executive team presentations and high-quality discussions that avoids the board team “getting stuck in the weeds”, prioritises strategic discussions and optimises decision-making

Committees play a critical role in supporting the functioning of the board. The structure, composition, reporting and overall effectiveness of each committee play a critical role in supporting the overall effectiveness of the board.

Board Excellence have developed terms of reference and practical frameworks for the structure, functioning and reporting of committees for a wide range of board committees including ;

  • Audit Committee
  • Risk Committee
  • Nominations & Governance Committee
  • Remuneration Committee
  • IT ( including Cyber-security )
  • Health & Safety Committee
  • Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Committee

We support both the main board and individual committees to optimise the effectiveness and performance of the board committees.

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